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How to save money with interior painting?

At the time to paint the interior of your home or business, you may have some questions or thoughts before deciding to move forward. One of those questions could be:How to save money painting the inside of my property without risking the quality of the work?

A painting contractor will consider multiple factors to come up with a price, including the size of the project, the amount of prep and repairs needed, the colors to be used, whether the house is occupied or not, the type of paint to be used, and the number of coats needed, among others.

Below you will find five ways to save money with interior painting:

- #1: Ask the contractor about the "contractor's paint discount". Most paint suppliers will provide a discounted price to established painting contractors. Some paint suppliers that offer a discount are Sherwin Williams, Benjamin Moore and Glidden Paint.

- #2: Paint with the same color. Selecting a new color can indeed be exciting, but when it comes to reducing labor costs, painting with the same color can decrease the total price. Painting with the same color will reduce the number of coats needed, which will require less labor, so a reasonable paint estimator should take that into consideration and indeed provide you with a lower labor cost.

- #3: Choose medium-grade paint. The most expensive paint is usually the best, but that doesn't mean that the lower-priced one is of bad quality.

- #4: Don't be in a rush. While some painting companies will be available to take care of your interior painting needs right away, requesting the service to be done fast may increase the labor cost. So be flexible with the timeframe if possible.

- #5: Hire a professional. The cheapest price is usually not the best option. Hiring the wrong painting company can be costly, stressful and painful. Do some research, and look out for the business website, reviews and before and after photos. A professional painting contractor should guide you through an efficient painting process and must provide a pleasant experience, while at the same time should ensure a long-lasting quality finish.

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