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Here are the before and after photos of the popcorn ceiling removal in Rochester, NY

Popcorn Ceiling Removal Rochester NY

Popcorn Ceiling Removal Rochester NY

We started by covering the entire kitchen with plastic. That includes covering every inch of the walls, cabinets, doors, furniture and floors. 

Removing the popcorn ceiling without proper preparation can damage the paint on the walls, and leave stain marks on the cabinets, floors and furniture. It can also be difficult to clean.

Popcorn Ceiling Removal In Rochester NY
Popcorn Ceiling Removal Services In Rochester NY

After everything was covered with plastic, we started applying hot water with a multipurpose pump sprayer.

We let the water sit for about five minutes so it can penetrate the popcorn ceiling well.

Using a 5-inch putty knife, attached to a frame, the removal began.

Ceiling Repair Rochester NY
Ceiling Painting Rochester NY
Popcorn Ceiling Renovation
Popcorn Ceiling Removal Upstate NY
Ceiling Painting Upstate NY
Textured Ceiling Removal

After the popcorn ceiling was removed, we encountered some imperfections in some areas of the ceiling and some big gaps between the ceiling and the cabinets.

We had to go over some areas of the ceiling with drywall compound to correct the imperfection. The gaps were filled using siliconized caulk. We added painter's tape to the edges of the cabinets before applying the caulk to prevent the cabinets from getting any caulk. 

The entire ceiling had to be sanded and primed before painting.


Textured Ceiling Removal Rochester NY
Ceiling Contractor Upstate NY

We were able to obtain a very nice, smooth finish.

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