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Interior Painting Ideas

Surface Preparation –

Patch/fill holes and cracks using drywall compound and siliconized caulking. Caulk gaps between trims. Scuff or sand surfaces until you have a smooth and flat finish. Seal stains using stain blocker prime. Clean surfaces.

Painting –

Prime surfaces if needed, apply paint with proper tools and techniques, apply straight cut lines between walls and trim, and clean up the area.

Final Inspection –

Complete a project walk-around, complete final touch-ups where required, clean up the area, and conduct the final project walk-around with the owner.

How Should I Pick My Interior Paint Color?

What Type of Paint Do We Use?

We are happy to use the brand of paint you prefer; however, we partner with Sherwin Williams®, BEHR®, and Benjamin Moore® for trends, training, and more.

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