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Here are the before and after photos of exterior painting in Fairport, NY

Exterior Painting Fairport NY
Exterior Painters Fairport NY
Residential Painting Fairport NY
Before Exterior Painting Fairport NY

The photos above were taken before the work started. The scope was to paint all trims black, the windows to be painted with the same color (Brown), and the siding white.

We recommended to the owner the following: Powerwash the entire house, and prime the siding before painting as it was never painted before.

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Concrete Painting Fairport NY
House Painting Fairport NY
Exterior House Painting Fairport NY

As agreed, the preparation process started. After the pressure wash was done and the surfaces were dried and clean, we started scraping the peeling paint, caulking and priming around the trims.

Multiple cracks were filled on the front step using concrete filler. Deteriorated paint was removed, and primer and concrete paint were applied.


It took one coat of primer and one full coat of paint on the siding to obtain the color we wanted. Two coats of paint were applied to the trims.

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Exterior House Painters Fairport NY
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8 Deland Park A Fairport NY
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