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Here are the before and after photos of the renovation of this beautiful garage in West Seneca, NY


Before Exterior Painting West Seneca NY
Before Exterior Painting West Seneca NY
Before Exterior Painting West Seneca NY
Before Exterior Painting West Seneca NY

After reviewing the photos we got from our customer, we noticed deteriorated paint and rotten wood. In our quote, we suggested the replacement of some pieces of siding and the owner informed us of the need to replace some aluminum corners.


Scraping Paint West Seneca NY
Priming Wood West Seneca NY
Caulking Wood West Seneca NY
Preparation Exterior Painting West Seneca NY

On the first day of work, our designated painter, Jesus, went to take a closer look at the surfaces before starting and noticed more rotten wood on two pieces of window trims and one section of siding. Jesus informed the owner of the presence of more rotten wood and offered the option to replace or fix it. The owner decided to go ahead and replace it. Jesus took all of the measurements and went to the store to find the right piece of siding and wood trim. After several attempts at different stores, he was able to find the wood trim but not the piece of siding, so he discussed that with the owner and instead, offered to fix it, which he did.


Front Garage Painting West Seneca NY
Left Garage Painting West Seneca NY
Back Garage Painting West Seneca NY
Right Garage Painting West Seneca NY

All of the peeling paint was removed, the rotten wood was replaced/fixed, siliconized caulk was applied to the trims, primer was added to bare wood, and a fresh coat of Sherwin Williams Super Paint was added. The color for the siding was matched to the original and white Gloss was used for the trims.

The aluminum corners weren't available at the store, nor online, due to their age, so Jesus came up with an idea to make it. He purchased a small roll of aluminum with the same thickness as the original pieces, he measured the original pieces, molded them, and made the cut using a special scissor to cut aluminum.

After four days, everything was completed, the customer was very happy and a five-star review came up as a reward. Read review

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