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Exterior Painting - How To

Power Wash

- Power wash exterior surfaces to remove dirt, dust, mold and any other natural substances. 

- Make sure windows and doors are closed before starting.

- Never leave the pressure washer running when not in use.

- Avoid going up high on ladders due to slip risk.


- Scrape any peeling paint from surfaces before painting.

- Make sure the floor and trees are fully covered.

- Add primer after scraping on wood.

- Clean up any paint chips left on the ground.

- For Lead Paint removal ask management for further information and equipment.

Area Preparation

- Before starting scraping or painting, cover the floor around the areas to be painted.

- Use painter's tape and plastic covers to seal objects that will not be painted.

- Cover any trees, furniture, grills, and vents and ask the owner/customer to move cars away from the work area before beginning spraying.


- Caulk around trims where needed.

- Use your fingers and a wet sponge to obtain a clean and even application.

- Make sure to scrape any peeling paint or to remove any old caulk before applying the new caulking.


- After covering the floors and everything else around the areas to be painted, go ahead and have fun doing what you do best.

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