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Get A New Bedroom In Just 8 Hours!

That's right: Eight hours.

What you get:

1 - New ceiling

2 - New door

3 - New walls

4 - New trims

The plan:

* 1/2 hour for setup

* 1 hour for the preparation (Patching, caulking, covering the floors, etc).

* 1 1/2 hour to paint the ceiling

* 2 hours to paint the trims/door

* 1 hour to cut the edges of the walls

* 1 hour to roll the walls

* 1 hour for cleanup and touch up

The cost:

For a small bedroom (10x10), you can expect to pay from $450 to $650.

The cost of a medium-sized room (12x12) will be around $550 to $750.

For a large bedroom (14x16), the price will be from $650 to $850.

* The prices shown above are for labor only. As a courtesy, Dreams Painting will purchase the paint at the customer's request and will provide a receipt for payment.

* Closets, repairs, windows, staining work, or wallpaper removal are not included in the prices shown above.

We don't just put paint, we make it new again.

We can help you reach your goals with color ideas, professional advice and a pleasant experience.


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