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Interior Painting - Color Trends

One of the most enjoyable aspects of painting a home or commercial space is selecting the right paint colors. This page contains classic combinations as well as basic tips for selecting the right color palette for your commercial and residential painting service.

Classic Combinations:

When selecting a color palette, use a tool that most people have not used since grade school: The color wheel! Here are some classic color combinations:

Complementary: Select one color and then look across the color wheel. Sometimes opposite just works! An example of a complementary color scheme is orange and blue.

Analogous: Pick the color that you are drawn to, then select the colors right next to it. A couple of shades in the same color family can create harmony in a space. An example of an analogous color scheme is green and yellow.

Triadic: This method is daring, but can be extremely effective! To achieve a contrasting color palette, choose three colors that are evenly spaced out on the color wheel. An example of a contrasting color palette would be purple, orange, and yellow.

With each of these color combinations, keep in mind that tones and shades add another level of complexity.

Tips for Selecting a Color Palette

Here are a few bonus tips as you look for that magic color scheme:

Find an inspiration piece.

It may be your favorite flower, a rug, or a picture. Select the colors in that piece and either choose a close match, a complementary color, or a contrasting palette.

Take a home tour.

For harmony throughout your home, repeat one color from one room to the next. Love your red front door? A red accent wall in your den and a red picture frame in your kitchen will tie these color stories together.

When in doubt, go neutral.

When it comes time to sell, selecting a neutral color will help potential buyers focus on the room’s best features instead of a bold color choice. Soft greens can be neutral too and are considered to be less visually taxing than any other color.

Other Considerations When Choosing Interior Paint

Accent walls continue to be a popular trend. They allow you to break up a traditional painting scheme, play with color, and draw attention to a specific part of the room. Perhaps you’ll put your favorite piece of art or a family portrait on this dominant wall? Some of our clients are also putting a modern twist on tray ceilings by painting the top recess to match the wall color of the room, rather than keeping it the plain white of the rest of the ceiling.

Speaking of things overhead, a 1980s icon in-ceiling colorings is dying. Our home painters are removing popcorn ceilings—which can be tremendously difficult to paint—all around the country. A sleek, modern roof can upgrade your place and make a drastic improvement.

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