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In-person Estimation Fee

Why do we charge for our in-person estimates?

To cover our immediate expenses.

(Every time we provide a quote, there's a good amount of time, effort and resources spent on it. One of our professional estimators can take hours and even days to complete a quote. We also have expenses like gas, internet, payroll, office costs and more. In our quotes, you will find a detailed work plan tailored by our experts, with the best advice to obtain the best results on your project. So in order for us to continue to provide a premium experience and to maintain our professional staff, we have to charge a small fee).

What's included in our cost?

  • Brushes

We use only the best paint brushes and are included in our labor cost. To ensure a high-quality finish, we always use the brush that is best fit for the type of paint and surface.

  • Rollers

The best, brand-new paint rollers are provided by us. The rollers we use are the best to obtain great coverage and an even finish. There will be nothing closer to a perfect surface.

  • Ladders

We provide the ladder for any size and any angle, whether for exterior or interior, we will make sure that the job gets done well and in the safest way possible.

Other things that we provide are drywall compound, caulking, drop cloths, paint trays, extension poles, extension cords, power washers, generators, lights, scrapers, hand and power sanders, vacuums, drills, and cleaning supplies.

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