Before And After

Before and after staining the siding and painting the trims with the same color. Peeling paint was removed from the siding and frames, the siding was sanded, and two coats were applied to both areas.

When the surfaces were all properly prepared (Patched, sanded, cleaned), then the application of paint began. The team painted the doors, frames and the walls with two coats of the same colors.

Lead paint was present in some areas around the exterior trims and ceilings. The peeling paint was removed following the EPA and OSHA procedures and primer was applied before painting the whole exterior.

The doors, handles and hinges were removed. The wood was sanded and cleaned. Multiple coats of mold and mildew-resistant primer were applied before painting to tackle bleeding issues.

The process began with cleaning the surfaces and setting up the work area, continued by patching and sanding, caulking around the trims and ending with one coat of primer and two coats of paint.

The team started work at 8:00 pm so the dental office could run without disruption. The floor, tables and chairs were covered with plastic, the walls were patched and sanded and it was painted with two coats. 

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Goodyear's Exterior Painting

It was time to give this Goodyear's location a new look, so they called the best painters in town to get it done right.

Exterior Painting of a Church

The exterior of this church was in need of some love. We went right on to renew the exterior front entrance.

Bob Johnson Chevrolet Exterior Painting

We got to paint the exterior of the then-new can maintenance shop of Bob Johnson Chevrolet. Take a look.

Wallpaper Removal & Painting

A customer wanted to have us do another project, this time to remove wallpaper and to paint the walls, ceiling and frames.

Foyer Painting | Entryway Renovation

We don't just put paint on the walls. We do our magic by properly preparing the surfaces before applying the paint.

Painting Of One Bedroom

It is not that easy to obtain a solid red color. Thankfully we know how to apply the paint properly so we can get just that.

Blue Home | Exterior Painting

When someone call us to have the exterior of their house painted, we have to let the entire neighborhood know who we are.

Exterior House Painting & Repairs

She had a dream to have her home beautifully painted, so she called us and we went right on to it.

Red Home | Exterior Painting

It can be hard to get a solid red color looking so good. It's easy for us, even if we work hard doing it.

Planet Fitness Yellow Painting

Getting an even, nice-looking solid yellow is a task for experts. That's why Planet Fitness decided to let us do it.

Goodyear's Interior Painting

Not only did they want us to paint the exterior, they also wanted us to do the interior, for many reasons!

Planet Fitness Storefront Painting

When a customer trusts us to do the right thing, we value that and honor our commitment to deliver the best quality.

Painting Of A Living Room

We had the pleasure to renew the appearance of this beautiful living room. Take a look at the before and after.

Exterior White House Painting

Exterior residential painting. House painting experts.  Residential painters offering online estimates.

Painting Of A Sunroom

It was fun to give this sunroom a fresh look. We have multiple options when it comes to interior painting and renovations.

Popcorn Ceiling Removal & Painting

Removing popcorn ceiling is not an easy task. There is a process to follow which requires the right experience and focus.

Bathroom Painting

Restrooms and bathrooms are areas where high humidity is present. There are paints that can be more suitable for that.

Hardwood Refinish & Stain Removal

To obtain a nice-looking hardwood floor, you need the right equipment, materials and experience. Take a look.

Colonial Home Exterior Painting

Quality from top to bottom, right to left. It feels so good to be part of our customer's dreams and the beauty of the community.

Yellow Home | Exterior Painting

When you put love and passion into what you do amazing things happen. We know that and we implement that always.

Stucco House Painting

Painting the exterior of a home requires the right experience so the customer can obtain a high-quality result to last long.

Painting Of One Room

It may seem simple to paint a room and one may think anyone can do it. The reality is different, it takes a pro to do it right.

Painting Of An Attic

Any holes, scratches, and cracks will be noticeable after the paint is applied. We make sure the walls are free of defects.

Painting Of A Master Bedroom

There are many details to take care of before applying the paint, from safety & protection to patching, sanding & priming.

Bedroom Painting And Repairs

There is a big difference between painting and high-quality painting and renovations. Take a look at this total turnover.

Bedroom Painting

We had to cover different colors with a dark one, so we did it like with care. Take a look at the new, nice-looking bedroom.

Living Room Painting

To cover dark colors with a light color is not that simple. Sometimes it could take up to three coats of primer and paint.

Painting Of A Car Garage/Shed

When we paint something it has to look better than new, it doesn't matter if it is a car garage or an entire house.

Exterior Restoration & Painting

We saved our customers lots of money throughout the years with professional advise and long-lasting quality results.

Car Garage Painting

Car garage renovation. Professional exterior painting and repairs. High quality exterior painting services.

Wallpaper Installation

Professional wallpaper installation services. Wallpaper removal and installation services and interior painting.

When we paint the exterior of a home, we make sure everything looks amazing, from top to bottom, for years & years to come.

Men's Wearhouse Wallpaper & Paint

Wallpaper installation and painting at Men's Wearhouse. Commercial wallpaper installation services.

Metal Door Painting

A door is something that many people may interact with daily. We make sure to make it look really good and durable.

When someone calls us to paint their home, is because they have good reasons to, but we always want to give more.

The Renovation Of Old Railings

Painting railings can be tricky. To obtain a high-quality result we need to use the right paint, tools, and techniques.

Exterior Facility Painting

Exterior painting and letter covering. The peeling paint was removed, and the surface was painted with concrete paint.

Deck Staining

Residential deck staining services. Deck staining and painting. Professional deck and porch painting by Dreams Painting.

Auto Shop Painting

After we finished painting the walls of Kitty Box Press, the owner of Triple Diamond wanted us to paint his business, so we did.

"The Classics"

Our First Exterior Painting

With no tools, a vehicle, any help or money, Jesus Del Carpio was determined to get it done right, one way or another.

Walgreens Handicap Sign Painting

Rust control. Handicap Metal Sign painting and rust control. Pharmaceutical painting services.

Gazebo Repair And Staining

Wood replacement and staining for a gazebo. Gazebo renovation and painting. Exterior wood restoration.

Law Office Painting

Drywall repair and patching. Interior painting of a law office. Commercial painting services.

Walmart Safety Yellow Concrete Floor Painting

Safety yellow concrete floor painting. Walmart interior painting service. Professional painting contractor.

Hardwood Floor Refinishing And Stain Removal

Hardwood floor refinishing. Hardwood floor stain removal and staining. Hardwood floor renovation.

Siding Repair And Painting

Since Dreams Painting started doing business, the main focus has been to provide the best painting services.

Family Video Exterior Metal Painting

We got a call from the beloved Family Video store regarding the painting of the metal around the light tower.

Siding Renovation And Painting

Wood siding renovation and painting. Residential Lead Paint Certified painting contractor.

Barber Shop Exterior Brick Painting

When it comes to painting a business, we not only have to make our customer happy, but the customers of our customer.

Brick wall whitewashing. Brick wall painting services. Fireplace brick wall painting for residential and commercial customers.

Brick Fireplace Painting

Fireplace painting. Brick fireplace painting services for residential and commercial customers. 

Dollar General Door Repair & Painting

It is a big thing for us to be trusted to handle even such a small thing as fixing and painting a door.

Tractor Supply Metal Fence Repair

Metal fence repair. Metal fence repair and painting services. Commercial fence renovation.

Sprint TV Mounting

Before and after installing a TV for Sprint. Professional TV mounting services for residential and commercial customers.

Restaurant Interior Painting

Interior Restaurant painting services. Restaurant renovation. Drywall repair and finishing services.

Wallpaper Removal & Paint of a Bath

Removing wallpaper can be a big challenge. Sometimes even to experts. Get in touch with us so we can help you.

Hilton Garden Inn Wallpaper Repair

Wallpaper removal, repair and installation services for residential and commercial customers.

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